You can enjoy coordinating your kimono with clothes. Kimono is a variety of lineup from cute patterns, retro modern, and mature designs. Changing the obi will change the impression, so please try coordinating around the obi. In the most popular trendy plan, you can choose not only the half width band but also the Nagoya band. It is especially recommended for those who want to take on the challenge of dressing up a notch. There are also accessories that match the kimono, retro ones and ones that keep the trend down, so that customers will not get bored. Couples and women groups also have discount plans.
The time required for dressing is approximately 60 minutes. 5 minutes for kimono selection, 15 minutes for dressing, and 15 minutes for hair setting are guidelines, but it is enough to watch for about 60 minutes. The holidays and events are very crowded. Please come with plenty of time.