Impressions from those who used the rental kimono shop in Asakusa

At Kimono Rental Shop / Kimono Rental & Nail Rainbow in Asakusa, we have received good impressions and opinions from customers who have used kimonos and nails. Voices from customers are a treasure of the store. The feedback received is shared by the entire staff and is used as a reference for building a shop.
Please don't hesitate to ask for any small comments. We will do our best to improve the service in the future. We will continue to listen to the opinions of our customers and aim to be a store that is loved by many people.

Popular service for those looking for rental kimono in Asakusa area

Many people enjoy sightseeing in the downtown area every day because it is a popular tourist destination in Tokyo and a popular place for overseas customers. Recently, more and more people wear kimono on a daily basis, and since they are familiar with the city, we are offering kimono rental to help with that, and we have received many voices of joy. You can choose a cute pattern, a modern design, a nostalgic retro style, a chic design and a variety of kimonos. Obi and accessories are also available to enjoy coordination with kimono.
Please choose a kimono rental plan from three according to your purpose and budget. We offer a simple basic plan, a trendy plan that expands the range of fashion, and a premium plan that allows you to enjoy kimonos of high quality design. If you come to the store as a group or a couple, you can rent a kimono at a little discount. The staff will help you remember your day in kimono.

We run a rental kimono shop in Asakusa and provide nails

We are helping women to always shine. The Nail Salon, which is located next to the hotel, has been told that the space is cute and that you can enjoy your nails while being wrapped in excitement. It features easy-to-understand pricing, and offers three fixed-rate courses: 6,000 yen, 8,000 yen, and 10,000 yen. Of course, a single item menu is also available. As it is open until 20:00, it is also possible to drop in after work.
Not only nails but also hand care menus for aging care. By leaving it to a professional, we will finish it with a moist and sticky texture. We also offer consultations on nails and hand care, so please feel free to tell us. We try to provide close counseling to our customers so that even those who are new to nails can use it with confidence.

After using rental kimono in Asakusa, nail change

How about sightseeing after changing clothes to rental kimono for a walk in Asakusa? A one-day limited nail that can be colored according to the kimono is available at a reasonable price of 500 yen. It takes about 5 minutes to finish, so please feel free to try after wearing your kimono. If you wish, please fill out the message field of the WEB reservation form with "One day nail request". You can also enjoy kimono and nail coordination.
In order to support the beauty of women, we have heard that we can pursue beauty that excites from the top of the head to the fingertips. The kimono rental plan also includes a hair set and hair ornaments, so that you can finish it quickly so that it does not collapse. The hair set is completed with stylish hair ornaments. Please consider coordinating your fingertips to match your kimono. By using nails, the sense of unity increases sharply and a wonderful kimono style is completed.