We offer rental kimono in Asakusa and coordinate obi and accessories

We are open as a shop in Asakusa where you can enjoy not only rental kimono but also coordination with obi and small items. The shop opened in January 2020 at a shop filled with the kimono love of the staff who wants people to feel more familiar with kimono.
The kimono adviser, who has a lot of experience in the clean store, will propose the best suit for you according to various scenes such as sightseeing and dates. In addition to a variety of kimonos, we have a wide range of belts and accessories, so we have received high reviews from those who are looking for kimonos that don't wear the surroundings.

Even a beginner in Asakusa is open as a reliable rental kimono store

Kimono advisors and dressing professionals support customers so that those who are new to kimono rental and beginners can use it with confidence. Kimonos, long sleeves, socks, sandals, kimono bags (drawstrings) required for dressing are included in all plans, so there is no special preparation required when visiting the store. Hair plans and hair ornaments are also included in the plan.
We offer basic, trendy, and premium plans. The basic plan that can be used casually is simple with kimono and half width band, and the price is 3,500 yen (excluding tax). The most popular trendy plan is 5,000 yen (excluding tax), a rich variety of kimonos, and a full range of obis plus a Nagoya obi. Premium plan with high quality kimono and obi is available for 7,500 yen (excluding tax). We also have options such as haori, stall, and color tabi, which are highly evaluated by word of mouth.

A two-sword shop that handles rental kimonos and nails in Asakusa is open

The nail salon being doubled will open in February 2020. You can enjoy your nails in a healing space with a natural and aromatic scent. The nail designs are updated every month, such as designs that look great in the office and designs that match the season, so you can enjoy visiting the store. Another feature is that it is used by people in a wide range of ages, from their 20s to their 50s. We have received positive reviews from customers who use nail services, such as "I will book again", "The atmosphere of the shop is good", "Excellent comfort", and "The manicurist's skill is high". In addition, the eyelash menu is also substantial, and the popular Parisienne lash lift can also be performed. Eyelash menu and hand nails, hand nails and toenails can be done at the same time.
All the staff will welcome you with heartfelt hospitality so that you can put a smile on your face.

Hot Pepper Beauty

Nail & Eyelash Rainbow

A rental kimono store operated in Asakusa has a rich group plan

Rental kimono shops, kimono rentals & nail rainbows in Asakusa offer group discount plans for more than 3 people and couple plans for couples. The group discount plan can be used at a discount of about 200 to 300 yen compared to the regular plan. Recommended for scenes such as girls-only gatherings, small alumni associations, and group sightseeing. The couple plan will help you remember the important memories of two people. If you are not sure which one to choose, please ask the staff. We propose the perfect coordination for you two.
We ask you to return the rented kimono until 17:30 on the day, but if you want to enjoy sightseeing, dating and eating until the evening, we will return the next day. Please note that the amount will be an additional 1,000 yen. If you wish, we will guide you to famous places in the downtown area, recommended gourmet spots, and restaurants recommended by the staff, so please feel free to contact us.