We operate a rental kimono shop in Asakusa that can be selected without compromise

For those who are considering rental kimonos in Asakusa, we will help you choose kimonos until you are satisfied. We offer a wide variety of kimonos, obis, and accessories, so your surroundings will not overlap. You can always come and visit a special one for you.
He has a reputation for dressing and hair setting, and he has received praise for saying "it is skillful". Experienced staff will support you to make your day a satisfying one. We will try to respond politely and speedily to provide security and satisfaction.

We offer rental kimono perfect for walking around Asakusa

If you want to go sightseeing in downtown Tokyo, why not try walking around the city wearing stylish kimono? We have a variety of cute designs, pop designs, retro designs and chic designs, so you can come across kimonos that satisfy your customers. If you are uncertain about choosing a kimono, please feel free to consult with your Kimono Advisor. We will propose one suit that suits you. Not only kimonos but also obi and accessories are various, so you can enjoy several kinds of coordination.
When you change into a kimono, go out to the city. A 2-minute walk will take you to Kaminarimon, so you can enjoy sightseeing immediately. If you have any requests, we will introduce recommended sightseeing spots and restaurants. We will also show you shops that you can understand only because they are local staff not listed in the tourist guide. The staff will do our best to make the customers who use the service think "I want to come again" or "I enjoyed it".

Coordinate kimonos at a rental kimono store operated in Asakusa

The area has many kimono rental shops and has a good reputation, and the number of customers who choose it is increasing. Customers who have used our hotel have a reputation of saying, "There are many nice kimonos," "I like the bright and clean interior," and "Staff are attentive." Thanks to this, we maintain a high repeat rate, which is a further encouragement for our staff. All staff members share their comments and opinions and work to improve the service. We listen to any small comments, and strive to improve and devise.
Just because there are kimono-loving staff, kimonos are very fulfilling. We also have a lot of belts and accessories that make coordination fun, so you can always meet the first wear that does not wear with other customers. With a reputation for dressing, we are conscious of dressing "beautifully" and "do not collapse", and we are improving our skills every day so that customers can have a comfortable day. We will continue to strive to be a store that is loved by everyone.

We run a rental kimono shop near the station in Asakusa and grant insta shine

Rental kimono shop, kimono rental & nail rainbow in Asakusa has a shop near the station with good access and convenient, and many customers use kimono. The store is open from 10:00 to 20:00, especially during holidays and months when there are many events, so we recommend that you visit with a margin. The downtown area is famous for its many events, such as the Cherry Blossom Festival and Sansha Festival in spring, and the Hozuki City and Sumida River Fireworks in summer. You can also enjoy the Yanaka Festival and Rooster Market in autumn, and the Hashiitaita and Setsubun Festivals in winter.
It is reputed to be able to take wonderful pictures at festivals and famous places and get instant photos by changing to kimono and enjoying the event. Going out at certain times of the event will give you a more memorable moment. The 634-meter tower that represents Tokyo can be seen nearby, and you can enjoy shopping at Nakamise Shopping Street, so you can enjoy both the new Tokyo and the good old cityscape.