Rental kimonos to Asakusa kimono rental & nail rainbow

Rental kimono shops, kimono rentals & nail rainbows in Asakusa boast a high repeat rate. Customers are very popular with professional kimonos and kimonos and belts with abundant designs. Experienced veteran staff will quickly dress you based on the kimono you choose and your physique.
Kimonos are also available in various designs. If you are lost in the pattern, design, or color, please consult your kimono adviser. We will propose the perfect kimono for you, so you will surely find what you like.
Features of Asakusa Kimono Rental & Nail Rainbow

Asakusa rental kimono shop, kimono rental & nail rainbow is confident in kimono

We are confident in the variety of kimonos and the service provided by our experienced staff, and have gained a good reputation from our customers. We have three kimono plans. It is a simple basic plan, a trendy plan that expands the fashionable range, and a premium plan with high-quality kimono. Please consider according to your purpose and budget. If you are unsure about choosing a kimono, an experienced kimono advisor will support you. Please feel free to contact us.
Use in women's groups and couples is also welcome. There are also discount plans for groups and couples, so please use them. It is perfect for various scenes such as girls-only gatherings, sightseeing, and dates. If you have any requests, we will also recommend nearby spots and restaurants. We will respond widely from dressing to outing guidance, so please do not hesitate to consult.

Popular as a rental kimono shop with a nail salon in Asakusa

There is also a nail salon for those who want to enjoy fashion at their fingertips. Experienced manicurists greet customers in the shop, which is characterized by white and pink. We respond to various requests of customers such as nails that are perfect for everyday use, nails that can be used in the office, and nails with elaborate design. The nail salon is open until 20:00, so you can use it after work or school.
In addition, we offer a one-day limited nail that can be used for 500 yen only for those who rent a kimono. It can be easily removed with hot water with a one-color nail. It can be finished in about 5 minutes, so you can use it without worrying about the time even after changing into a kimono. Coordinating the nails with the kimono creates a sense of unity and gives a more gorgeous impression. If you wish, please write "One day nail request" in the message field of the reservation form.