We are located on the 10th floor of a building facing Umamichi Street near the station.

This is a page with access information for those looking for rental kimono and nail art in Asakusa. Our store is located in an easily accessible location, 1 minute walk from the nearest station and 2 minutes walk from Kaminarimon. We can accommodate not only individuals, but also couples, couples, significant others, groups of friends, families, and large groups. Rental kimonos can be used in a variety of situations, such as girls' night out, dates, dinner parties, and sightseeing. We offer great discount plans for groups of 3 or more people and couples, so please take advantage of them.

Our sister nail salon is open until 7pm on weekdays, so you can visit us even after work. In addition to nail care, we also focus on anti-aging hand care menus that care for your hands and fingers. By leaving the care to a professional, you can leave your hands soft and moisturized even in areas that are difficult to reach on your own. If you have any concerns about nail or hand care, please feel free to contact our manicurists.

Open as a rental kimono store with good access in the Asakusa area


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Asakusa Kimono Rental & Nail Rainbow Asakusa Kimono Rental & Nail Rainbow

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RAID Asakusa Kaminarimon 5F 2-4-1 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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2023年墨田川花火大会 予約受付中






Asakusa's rental kimono shop, kimono rental & nail rainbow is a 1 minute walk from the station and has a good location. Because of the conditions near the station and the ability to enjoy kimono dressing as well as nails, many customers are busy every day.
You can enjoy sightseeing around the area immediately after you change into a kimono, so you can have plenty of fun. We also provide information on recommended spots in the area, so please feel free to contact us.

We support both kimono rental and dressing

Kimono selection inside the store based on pink and white near the station

We will create a comfortable environment so that our customers can feel comfortable even in a short time. Even if you are new to renting a kimono, you can use it with peace of mind because of the well-maintained store and experienced staff. Please make a reservation in advance. Please make a reservation via the online reservation form or by phone. Reservations for the day can be made by phone. There is no problem when you come to the store. An experienced kimono adviser will propose a kimono that suits you. Careful and efficient dressing is also one of the features of our shop. As a guide, dressing time including hair set is about 30 minutes.
You can coordinate your nails to suit your kimono at the on-site nail salon. There is also a one-day nail limited to those who rented a kimono, so please fill in the message field of the reservation form, "I want one day nail". Of course, you can also use the nail salon only. Please feel free to stop by after work or before a date. Even those who are new to the simple price setting can use it with confidence. We are focusing not only on nails but also on hand care. Recommended as a reward for yourself.

As a rental kimono shop in the Asakusa area, it is popular with locals and tourists, and you can also enjoy nails. It's a 1-minute walk from the nearest station and a 2-minute walk from Kaminarimon, so it's easy to access, so even those who are new to the area or people who are not familiar with the downtown area can drop in without hesitation. Located on the 5th floor of the building facing Asakusa Street, you can enjoy dressing and nailing kimono in a cute atmosphere based on pink and white. Experienced kimono advisors and nailists will welcome you with a smile.
For the rental kimono price plan offered in Asakusa, please choose from three basic plans: the easy basic plan, the most popular trendy plan, and the premium plan with high-quality kimonos. For those who want to make a difference from the surroundings, we recommend the trendy plan where the combination of the retro modern komon pattern and the Nagoya sash is popular. The upgraded premium plan is perfect for face-to-face meetings and dinner parties. All plans include kimonos, long-sleeved kimono, tabi socks, sandals, kimono bags (drawstring purses) and everything you need to wear them, so please come to our store with peace of mind. We try our best to serve our customers so that they can spend a comfortable day in kimono and want to use them again.